Small wins.

After a weekend of an avalanche of grief, when in the valley of the shadow you have to take the “small” wins. My wins today are I am up, showered, dogs have been walked and fed and I’ve made and eaten breakfast, all of which felt impossible at 8:30am this mornings. They are wins no matter how small they feel. There’s a church near me that will be open in a bit for quiet prayer so I shall go there if I have the strength to get ready after I have tided up after breakfast. Going away at the end of the week which I am really looking forward to…I just wish I didn’t have to get ready for it as that feels like a huge chore and effort for it. Just wish I everything could be ready and I could just leave, but before that I have work and a few meetings with various people, plus I need to get all the dogs stuff together as they are going to stay with my sister and then pack my own stuff. Tired just thinking about it. There is such a lot going on in my mind and my heart at the moment I am overwhelmed. It will probably all tumble out in this blog in the next week weeks or months no doubt, but this much I can tell you, it’s very heavy whack.

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