Whatever is manageable, whatever is maintainable .

So although my bodies been a git today (stupid possible Oat Milk reaction) it turns out (funnily enough) that if I don’t eat 3 bars of chocolate, 2 packets of crisps a day and be as consistent with walking my dogs as much as I can, and cutting my portion sizes down I have lowered my blood sugar by 10 from 64 to 54 (needs to be a lot lower still but it’s heading in the right direction) in 2 months and I’ve lost 10lbs. Hoping I can maintain the consistency. I’ve only done things that I know I can manage. So I haven’t cut out chocolate altogether as then I would crave it. When I want chocolate I have a little bar of it under 100 cals. I still have crisps but they are under 100 calories too, and fortunately I really like lentil crisps. Have cut out butter (and I was hammering the butter! Now use Flora Proactive sparingly) and swapped to semi skimmed milk (can’t stand skimmed so pointless) which I know is all helping. I try to keep my meals to 400ish cals but not too strict on that and if I’m out I’ll try and be sensible. There are times I have struggled and worried about it all but I’m looking forward to the Diabetes support group next week which will hopefully give me more info and I can ask questions. The good thing is now I’m 39 I know what I can manage and what I can’t and theres no point doing something I can’t manage or maintain. I’ve also started doing 10-15 mins of step while watching the TV in the evenings. I know that’s manageable for me. Not setting myself any weight goals or time targets just wanting steady progress and if weight loss happens great but it’s more about putting the diabetes in reverse and feeling good in my body. Sure I’d love to get swimming and currently can’t face a swimming costume but I’m not going to rush that and if it happens great. I know me I have to do things that I will continue. If you know me you know it’s always softly softly catchy monkey with me.

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