Space and time…

I can only speak for myself and where I am currently at but in situations where I struggle particularly where grief is involved, to feel safe, I need space. I was beginning to feel safe in church the past few months and attending regularly and feeling ok, then something happened today that has made me feel completely isolated, unsafe and has made me wonder how I will keep on going. And I’m really distraught over it. I can see it from the other side too and I totally understand it and the reasons behind it, but because of what I am going through and dealing with I can’t help but let it push me away, and that is the real sadness. There’s nothing I can do about it… I have worked so hard to get to a place where I feel ok and now that place might have been taken away… and I don’t think there is anyone that understands what I mean. Why is life so complicated when you are grieving? Wish I could click my fingers and this all be over. 😦

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